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Smokey Bear

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Smokey's Rule Number THREE Poster- English

Smokey's Ruler Number Three Poster - Never Play with Matches or Lighters,

Smokey's Rule Number TWO Poster - English

Smokey's Ruler Number Two Poster - Always be Careful with Fire.

Smokey's Rule Number FOUR Poster - English

Smokey's Ruler Number Three Poster - Always watch your campfire.

Smokey's Rule Number FIVE Poster - English

Smokey's Ruler Number Five Poster - Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it.

Regla numero UNO Poster - Spanish

Smokey's Ruler Number Uno Poster - Solo tu puedes prevenir los fuegos en areas naturale.

Regla numero DOS Poster - Spanish

Regla numero DOS Poster - Siempre se cuidados con el fuegeo.

Regla numero TRES Poster - Spanish

Regla numero TRES Poster - Nunca jueges con fosforos ni encendedores.

Regla numero CINCO Poster - Spanish

Regla numero CINCO Poster - Asegurate de que tu fogata este completmente apagada antes de dejar el lugar.

Regala numero CUATRO Poster - Spanish

Regala numero CUATRO Poster - Mantente siempre alerta a tu fogata.